DAY TWO – February 12th 2009

Alright folks! The dust is settling a little bit around here at MCD headquarters, and we’re finally getting a chance to catch up with all of our projects. We’ve been editing videos, getting photos ready to post, organizing for the Coachella and Sasquatch festivals, and picking the winners for the Feather Bed Whiskey Blanket box set contest. They’ve all been notified, so as soon as we hear back from everyone we’ll announce the winners here. Over the next couple weeks we’ll be getting all the videos ready for the rest of the tour series. We’ve got some great footage that we’re excited to get up.

Thanks again to everybody for coming out to the shows, it was great to see so many friends. Here’s the video for day two, the second show at The Showbox here in Seattle.

[flashvideo file=”flv/Night2Seattle427x240.flv” image=”flv/night2videostill.jpg” /]

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