Filming at the Shows

Hey everyone.

It is always great to see the photos that you all take, and see some videos up on YouTube.

For tonight’s two shows in PHILADELPHIA please feel free to bring your cameras. We have spoken to the venue and you will be allowed to bring any kind of equipment in. This is of course within reason, we don’t want to impose your equipment on other people, and crowd safety will dictate if you are being ridiculous.

We also want the party to go all night in Philadelphia, figure NYC got Dinner with the Band, so if you come to the first show, TLA will sell you a ticket at the door for the second show for $15.

For tomorrow’s show in NEW YORK you can bring in anything you want, expect VIDEO EQUIPMENT.  This is a union rule, and has nothing to do with us.  You will be able to bring any still cameras or audio recording equipment.

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