It’s Burrito Night In Sam’s Kitchen And The Murder City Devils Make Their Television Debut


The new IFC Original Series DINNER WITH THE BAND is the first cooking show to combine culinary delights, musical performances and conversations with select acclaimed indie music artists. DINNER WITH THE BAND debuts April 27 at 10:30 pm ET/PT in IFC’s Tuesday night AUTOMAT programming block, following two new back-to-back 15-minute episodes of FOOD PARTY.

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In each of the 30-minute episodes, celebrated NYC rock-n-roll chef Sam Mason (Tailor, WD-50), invites a band over to his Brooklyn loft where he teaches them how to add his signature culinary spin to their favorite “on-tour” food. Throughout the show, Chef Mason and the artists converse on food, music and life while cooking together. After they “chow down” they “get down” as each act takes to the loft’s living room to play a rockin’ musical set.

On June 8, DINNER WITH THE BAND will feature special guest band The Murder City Devils. The loft will be loud when the garage punk band stops by to play and eat. Sam has created a menu inspired by the burrito joint where the band’s members used to work to support their music.

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On the menu: Midnight Burritos (Burritos with chorizo, refried lentils green cilantro Rice and watercress salsa verde) with a side of Salsa of Fire (tomato and raspberry salsa) to dress Sam’s homemade tortilla chips.

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In between cooking, eating and drinking the Aqua Verde (Sam’s Tomatillo-based Bloody Mary), The Murder City Devils rock the loft with “18 Wheels” and “I Drink the Wine.”

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