Corey’s Classic Christmas vol. 2

This year, our favorite robot, Merchbot2000, brings us his second annual christmas record. It is for sale for “name your own price” on bandcamp. I bet after you listen to a sample track or two, you will see that it is well worth paying a few bucks when you download.

I can’t tell who’s drunk, Brewer or the character he’s playing. But somebody’s drunk.

He stays in character through 14 tracks of music and fireside banter, blowing down familiar verses and choruses with spoken asides. Area singers Spencer Moody and Andrea Zollo take turns on the mic, also singing badly. The line is stupid, but listenable. Too many songs in a row gets annoying, but don’t turn it off. Just turn it down. It stays funny that way.
Andrew Matson (from the Seattle Times)

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