Record Shipping Update

So we really are trying to get these records shipped. After delays at the pressing plant, and then missed plane for the first shipment, then delayed shipment of the second half, it has now come to our attention that FedEx can not find the pallet of records. We were supposed to have them last wednesday, then they supposedly showed up in Seattle on Friday, but now they have disappeared. If you work at FedEx, and you decided to take these records, please give them back so we can ship them out to people.

If you ordered records from us, some of you, over 2 months ago, please know that we are doing our best. We are doing this on our own, we have no label or outside help, but this is beyond our control. As soon as we have the records we will ship the records, we have almost all of the shipping labels printed, sitting on the mailers, just waiting for the records to show up.

Everything that could go wrong with this pressing has gone wrong, and we wish we had already been able to get these out to you all.

Thanks for your continued patience.

See you Thursday and Friday in Chicago for the Double Door and Riot Fest shows.

-the murder city devils

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