Records have SHIPPED!

So FedEx finally found our pallet of records, and we were able to go pick them up. We have now got them all packed and shipped, so if you ordered a record from us you should have it shortly.

records finding their way home

You should at least have gotten a tracking number from either PayPal or USPS, or maybe even both. If you have gotten that tracking number please do us a favor and check the tracking number by clicking on it in the email you got, and make sure that it is proceeding towards you. If you check the tracking number and there is still NO INFORMATION, please let us know asap. Want to make sure that no packages got left behind.

If you have ordered the record, and NOT gotten an email with tracking information in it, please respond to your original email receipt when you purchased the record, so we can figure out what happened to your order, and get it out to you asap.

If you ordered multiple items and some of them have shown up, but others have not yet, please let us know ASAP, so we can look into where the other parts of your orders are.  We got really swamped, and want to make sure everyone got what they ordered. Since we are caught up, we are going to take a second to get the webstore tightened up, put up some new items, and maybe run a few specials. Check back for more info soon.

Thank you everyone for your patience.

The Murder City Devils

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