Happy New Year!!!

2009 is shaping up to be a great year, and to help celebrate here is a rare track, not often heard.

Waltz from R.I.P.

Right now we are getting ready for the upcoming tour, which will take us up and down the west coast.  If you don’t live within the I-5 corridor, we are sorry we are going to miss you.

Recent flickr updates include sets of photos from the 3-B in Bellingham, Linda’s Doll Hut in Anaheim,  Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, Rehearsals for the 2006 performance at the Capital Hill Block Party, and the infamous Vegas Shakedown in Las Vegas.  The Vegas Shakedown came at the end of a long US tour with The Catheters and The Yo-Yo’s.  It had been a long, long tour thru the summer of 2000. Derek still had to wear a cast, because of the leg break that occurred in May when on tour in Glasgow with Zeke.

Murder City Devils at Vegas Shakedown 2000 by you.

The Yo-Yo’s played the first night we were there.  I believe it was the second night of The Shakedown, held at The Gold Coast hotel and casino in Las Vegas.  This might be the only casino I have ever seen that had a liquor store in it.  It was right on the route between the two show rooms, and there was ALWAYS A LINE.   Nate is probably holding up a bottle of Southern Comfort here.  I am not sure what I am holding up.

The Yo-Yo's at Vegas Shakedown in August 2000 by you.

We kept throwing drinks at The Yo-Yo’s all show.  It was fun, and they took it all in stride, only later did we realize they had hatched a plan to get back at us during the show the next night.

Murder City Devils at Vegas Shakedown 2000 by you.

Well it seems like their plan was really just focused on Spencer.

Murder City Devils at Vegas Shakedown by you.

They tackled him and were planning on duct taping him up somehow.  Not sure why they thought the rest of us wouldn’t do anything.  Murder City Devils at Vegas Shakedown 2000 by you.

A few beers later and they gave up.

Murder City Devils at Vegas Shakedown 2000 by you.

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