Test Pressing Listening Party

Gabe swung by my house with test pressings for the four lps being reissued on Sub-Pop for my approval. By approval, I mean that his record player isn’t working and my house is in between his house and his mailbox.

They sound real good. We listened to “Thelema” first, six amazing tracks full of venom and promise. It was nice to hear “364 Days” on a snowy Seattle afternoon. We followed that up with “In Name and Blood” which is has some surprises on it toward the end and contains my absolute favorite MCD track “I Drink the Wine”. It also has “Press Gang” and “Rum to Whiskey”, total fucking cuts.

About then Gabe had to take off and I put on the self titled lp and washed some dishes.

That self titled album is built for dishwashing, that is a compliment. I love a good dishwashing record. It takes a certain quality to achieve classic chore jams. Dillinger Four’s “Versus God” record is the perfect album to wash some fucking dishes to, the Filth/Blatz Shit Split is also handy. I had totally forgotten about gems like “Sick of Dreaming” and “Flashbulb” and its always a treat to hear “Get off the Floor” and “Murder City Riot”.

It’s funny, because of my preference for the live album (which is practically perfect in every way) I haven’t listened to these ones all that much. But they stand up, I had fun listening to them again and it got me stoked on hearing some of these tracks live. We’ll have all these fancy new editions as well as some other fun surprises with us.

Now I’m going to put these motherfuckers up on ebay, sorry duders, but I gotta get that money.  I’m kidding, I’ll be trading them for pills, duh.

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