Who is coming with us on tour.

Just wanted to give everyone a little information on who is coming on tour with us. We think you will want to get there early to check them all out, sorry we couldn’t just make it a big touring show with all of them.  Click on their picture to go to their website.

Past Lives will be with us in Seattle, Vancouver and Portland.

Past Lives by you.

Cap Lori will be with us in Vancouver and the first Seattle show.

Cap Lori by you.

Constant Lovers will be with us in Portland and the second Seattle show.

Constant Lovers by you.

Silverghost will be with us in San Francisco, Pomona and Los Angeles.

Silverghost by you.
Triclops will be with us at the second San Francisco show.

Triclops! by you.

Tweak Bird will be with us in Pomona and the second LA show.

Tweak Bird by you.

Brother Reade will be with us at the first LA show.

Brother Reade by you.

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