Feather Bed Whiskey Blanket Stuffing Party

So all of the pieces have finally arrived. We have boxes of pristine white vinyl, and straight from the printers, piles of die-cut, unfolded boxes.

MCD_FBWB_Stuffing_Party-1 by you.

Coady, Merchbot 2000 and Leslie get to work folding the boxes for Feather Bed Whiskey Blanket.

MCD_FBWB_Stuffing_Party-13 by you.

Merchbot drops another load of the folded boxes off by the lions in the corner.

MCD_FBWB_Stuffing_Party-16 by you.

Coady starts numbering the boxes.

MCD_FBWB_Stuffing_Party-17 by you.

One of the best parts of putting all the photos and documents into the sets was taking some time to go through them. It was kind of hard to get rid of a lot of these one-of-a-kind items, so we made sure to take it all in, before sending them off.

MCD_FBWB_Stuffing_Party-9 by you.

The handful of photos of each death scene that ended up being used were really part of about 50 or so that were taken of each band member. These photos offer glimpses of close up detail and other views of what were very long “deaths” for each member during the lead-up to In Name and Blood.

MCD_FBWB_Stuffing_Party-11 by you.

Leslie searches through the archives.

MCD_FBWB_Stuffing_Party-3 by you.

Here, Coady, Nate and Dann are making sure that each set gets all 4 records and an envelope with the special items. It is hard to say what is in any one box as there were so many things we unearthed in our archives. Spencer did a special series of paintings that were put in some, and others contain old tour posters or a bonus record or 7″.

MCD_FBWB_Stuffing_Party-22 by you.

We hope everyone who is able to get one enjoys the contents, they were great fun to make and really offer a unique way to experience different parts of the band’s history.

MCD_FBWB_Stuffing_Party-23 by you.

The Feather Bed Whiskey Blanket box sets are going to cost $150 and will be limited to one per customer. This is not one per person per show, but one per person total. We hope that you respect this so everyone who wants one has a chance to get one. We will also make sure to spread these out so there are box sets for sale at all shows along the tour.

In addition to getting the box set at the shows, you will be able to get all four MCD records on newly-issued marbled vinyl, all of our CDs, and the brand new tour t-shirt and poster.  The marbled vinyl will be available in stores starting Feb 17, but this is a chance to get them early.  Come down and say hi to Merchbot 2000.

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